Brazilian Hot Waxing Training Demo Video

Brazilian Hot Wax Training Video
Although shots have been censored, this video is still not intended for children.
Brazilian Waxing Training
This Brazilian Waxing Video covers:

  • Equipment Set up
  • Bed Set up
  • Waxing Techniques and Tips
  • Proper client position
  • Application of talcum powder to protect the skin
  • Testing wax temperature on arms skin
  • Reduce pain by applying pressure after wax is pulled out
  • Clean up of tools and equipment
  • Proper disposal of spatulas used
  • Troubleshooting like bloodspotting, inner labia hair removal, cold compressing and more.

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Watch The Brazilian Waxing Video Here:

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Brazilian Wax and Bikini Wax Explained - Very Informative

Brazilian Waxing Pointers

Preparing for a Brazilian Bikini Wax

If you typically shave the area, you must grow hairs out to approximately ¼ inch or in case your pubic hair is longer, you should trim your hairs to about ¼ inch, allowing enough length for the wax to grasp. It will hurt more if the hair is too long.
Brazilian Waxing Pointers
Here are some pointers if you want to undergo brazilian waxing.

Before your Brazilian Wax:
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can purchase numbing cream to lessen the pain. Be reminded that it takes around 15 to 30 minutes after application to kick in.
  • You can also pop over the counter pain killer at least 30minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Keep the bikini area out of the sun as sun exposure may increase sensitivity.
  • Schedule your Brazilian wax session a week after menstruation so your genital area is at the least sensitive condition.
After Brazilian Wax:
  • Use hair inhibitors to slow down growing of hair.
  • Apply soothing lotion on your bikini areas.
  • Avoid exposure to sun for a day.
  • Avoid heat sources such as saunas and steam rooms for a day or two.
  • Refrain from using exfoliating products or scrubs and loofas for a few days, until your skin has fully recovered. After that, exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Do not use tight clothing for a few days to avoid rubbing that can aggravate irritation.
Brazilian Waxing.... Does it hurt? Watch videos posted here to have an idea. Check out the menu bar.

To lighten up our day, watch this funny short video about brazilian waxing.

Lesson : Brazilian Waxing needs to be done in a respected professional salon :)

Brazilian Wax History - Demo Videos Available Here

Brazilian Waxing
The Brazilian Wax have swept the American Community during the past several years. Brought by women wearing white colored apparel that waves spatulas with wax unsettlingly in close proximity to all those portions we considered very private.
The Brazilian Wax appeared to be introduced to New Yorkers wayback 1987 by 7 Brazilian siblings that started out T. Siblings Foreign Beauty parlor in New York. Because of this, swimsuit collections ended up being transformed permanently! The brazilian bikini wax is actually intended for ladies who can withstand pain. It has become famous, that Brazilian Wax salons sprouted around the globe.
Typically the Brazilian wax entails applying of wax to the butt. A fabric will be patted above the wax, then simply pulls it, painful since waxed hair will be pulled out. That could be almost nothing as opposed to the next stage. Wax will be smeared on top of the private part, then fabric will be shoved in position... they then pulled it up... rrripppp. It really is somewhat typical for those waxer to place a person's leg above their shoulder, so that you they could get the remaining pubic hairs. The waxer simply uses a set of tweezer to remove remaining strands. Merely a tiny portion of your hair remains to protect your labia.
Males also have already been undergoing brazilian wax for decades now. Waxing can last approximately 1 to 2 months before hair grows. In contrast to shaving that will make you itch after a couple of hours. There may be slight itch aside from possibly having ingrown hair, however it is a relatively safe method.
Just a little warning, do not get enticed to try and do brazilian bikini wax in your home. Invest some cash to get a qualified waxer to perform it for your safety.
Watch Some Videos About Brazilian Wax in these links:

Brazilian Bikini Waxing - Preparation for First Timers

How to do Brazilian Waxing
What is a brazilian wax? This may be the question bugging your mind.

First of all when you say brazilian wax, it is a method of removing hair around the very sensitive skin of inner labia, anus and testicles. In simple words, taking out or removing pubic hair.

Brazilian wax is done by the aid of a resin wax, the hair is pulled out together with its root, which of course is a little bit painful.
Brazilian wax or some calls it bikini wax involves the removal of all the hair at the front up to the anus. Some leaves a small strip with a design, like a shape of a square, triangle or oval.times a small strip in the shape of a square, rectangle, oval.
Bikini waxing was intended for women who wears tiny bikinis, and since brazilian women were popular on wearing thongs and tiny bikinis, the term brazilian wax was born.
Nowadays, men are getting brazilian wax too.
Performing brazilian wax yourself is easy, there are lots of video guides you can watch online. But of course, having it done by a professional esthetician means lesser pain and it is safer.
I found another great video to share with you. A very informative brazilian waxing video that will benefit first timers. Tips about preparation before undergoing brazilian bikini waxing and what to do during the session.

Here's what you will learn from this brazilian waxing video.
  • What to do before going to a brazilian wax salon.
  • What will happen, overview on what you need to do.
  • What standards of safety and hygiene should be expected
Tips for First timer who wants to undergo brazilian bikini waxing:
  • Take a shower at home
  • Use baby wipes to clean the part to be subjected to brazilian wax
  • Do not "shave", just trim your private hairs 4mm to 5mm long
Enjoy Watching this Brazilian Waxing Video

Brazilian Bikini Waxing Demo Training

Bikini Waxing
This is a demo from body waxing DVD from
Well explained how brazilian waxing is done in underarms, legs and at bikini area.

This Brazilian waxing video is a great help to those who want to learn how to remove hairs in the underarms, leg and bikini area using the famous brazilian waxing technique. For those curious to find our what is a brazilian wax, watch the video.

Reminder : It is best to have bikini waxing done in a professional waxing salon to avoid possible injury on your skin.

This video may serve as a guide for those who really want to do brazilian wax on their own.
Enjoy watching.

For those who want to try Brazilian bikini waxing, you can buy professional waxing kit at the links below.

Ultimate Body Waxing Guide

The First EBook ever to reveal it ALL.... Bixini Waxing Guide. This includes all necessary information and step by step procedures about bikini waxing.

If you want to:
  • Wax yourself using wax with only natural ingredients
  • Learn how to do brazilian bikini waxing
  • Establish your own professional brazilian wax salon that is exactly tailored to your prospective clients
  • Start or Expand your own business

Brazilian Wax and Bikini Wax Explained - Very Informative

Brazilian Wax Preparation
What is a brazilian wax?
To understand this, here's another in-depth explanation of Brazilian Waxing and Bikini Waxing.

What to Learn from this Video?
This would enlighten and help those first timers who don't know the advantages of Bikini Wax over shaving and they would learn also about the basic procedure how brazilian waxing is done and how to prepare for your First Brazilian Wax.

This is really a must see brazilian bikini waxing video. Hope you'll benefit from this one.

If you're ready to try it, you can buy professional bikini waxing kit below. You just need some guts to overcome the little pain performing brazilian waxing.

Brazillian Waxing Bikini Area - Instructional Video

Brazilian Wax Hair Removal
This Brazilian waxing video will help those who want to perform hair removal in the bikini area using the famous brazilian waxing technique.

Although it is best to have bikini waxing done in a professional salon to avoid possible injury on your skin. For those who really want to do it on their own, this video will surely help you.

What to Learn from this Video : How to wax bikini area. You might want to try a brazilian wax for yourself after watching. Enjoy :)

For those who are brave enough to try brazilian bikini waxing on their own, you can purchase your professional waxing kit below.

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