What to expect during a Brazilian Wax

First time in Brazilian Waxing?

So, What to expect during a Brazilian wax?

What preparations needed to do before going to salon, and what should you do before undergoing brazilian waxing?

Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Here are some tips and advice if you will try brazilian bikini waxing:

1. Do not shave your hair, just trim it. 4mm to 5mm is good.

2. At the salon, do not use alcohol wipes. Use baby wipes instead.

3. Remove clothes from waist down.

4. Wear the G string underwear (provided by the salon)

5. Use the towel to cover your body, and lay down on the bed.

6. Move your legs as needed, you may be required to do the frog position.

Watch this informative brazilian waxing video for complete information.

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